Breathing Immersion

Fall 2018


    • A series of workshops for digging deeper with understanding the breath, strengthening & awakening the breath, & dismantling unhealthy breathing patterns. Meditation will be used as a technique in understanding & utilizing the breath (though the focus will be more on pranayama than meditation)

    • Pranayama is the art & practice of understanding the breath. Stress reduction, better sleep, greater focus, & increased energy are only some of the benefits of creating a healthy breathing pattern. This Immersion is for anyone ready to dig deeper, and spend some quality time learning about the breath, connected with a secondary focus on meditation. ​

    • ​Sara's pranayama practice started long before she knew what yoga was. When Sara was 19 years old, her therapist taught her breathing techniques to deal with panic attacks. He was a pranayama teacher, and although she had no idea what that word meant, the techniques became a mainstay in her wellness toolbox. Fast forward 10 years & her first teacher's training program was primarily focused on pranayama & meditation. She also attended a 9-day advanced training in pranayama. The breath has been, and remains, the root of her yoga practice.

    • Each workshop builds on the last, though they can also be taken separately.