May 4-week Series with Glen Garcia

7:30-8:45 p.m. for 4 consecutive Monday nights

WEEK 1--May 1

Breathwork and the Bhandas: This workshop is intended for those with some experience of meditation and pranayama that are ready to take it to a deeper level. Khapalabhati, or the breath of fire, is a powerful breathwork technique that can be very effective in cleansing one’s emotional/energetic field and clarifying the mind for meditation practice. In combination with simple yet effective meditation techniques and the bhandas (which are similar to valves in the body that can be opened and closed to allow energy to intensify and flow), this ancient practice becomes even more potent. Like a forest fire, it is a formidable force that can help clear the way for new growth and a fresh start. 


WEEK 2--May 8

Self Awakening Yoga: This workshop will introduce the concept and practice of Self Awakening Yoga, as taught by Don Stapleton of the Nosara Yoga Institute, which presents yoga as a creative learning process and a means of exploring and understanding one’s body/mind on a deeper level, as well as a tool for expanding consciousness. The focus is on slow, mindful, natural movements to encourage greater body awareness, unlock prana (life force energy), and awaken the body's innate wisdom and power. You will also learn to listen for messages from the body before entering into traditional yoga postures, providing the opportunity for deeper engagement, greater awareness, decreased risk of injury and for recognizing yourself as the highest authority in your personal learning and development as a yogi(ni). The workshop will be a mixture of teachings on the philosophy and physical practice of various movement explorations.


WEEK 3--May 15

Listen to Your Heart: Yoga and Meditation for Heart Opening: Cultivating genuine love and kindness for yourself is the first step in being able to offer the same to others and the world as a whole. In this class we will dive into various teachings and meditations on this ancient practice, which is becoming more and more needed and relevant in our world today. The workshop will be a mixture of the teachings and meditations, as well as group discussion and gentle, heart opening yoga. Please dress in comfortable clothes and bring a journal for notes and reflections.


WEEK 4--May 22

The Buddhist Path to Enlightenment: This workshop will be a mixture of Buddhist meditation practices and teachings on The Four Noble Truths, the Foundations of Mindfulness, the Eightfold Path, and some common obstacles along the way. The focus will be on how these ancient philosophies and practices can be applied in everyday life and today's world. Please dress in comfortable clothes and bring a journal for notes and reflections.