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Welcome to The Monkey! 

Hopefully this page will answer most of your questions if you're brand new.

But please reach out to me if you have additional questions. 



You have come to the right place! Here's some quick info to our FAQ's. But also, scroll below for more detailed studio info when you have time. :) 

p.s. I don't want this list to feel too hefty, but I want you to feel like you have an idea of what to expect. We're super easy-going & will show you the ropes as you attend classes. 

The Mellow Monkey is THE studio for newbies, the inflexible, and the grumpy (happy people are welcome too!). Here's the quick gist of everything you need to know:


  • Preregistration is required for all classes. 

  • We often have a new student discount available, so email to ask!

  • Come 15 minutes early if you need to make a purchase. Or you can pay for punch cards or membership here

  • Start with Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Everyone, Gentle/Restorative Yoga, or Yoga for Healing if you're not sure what would work for you. Class descriptions can be read if you click on the class on our schedule

  • We lock the door when class starts, so always show up 10-15 minutes early. (There is an unpredictable train across the street, so please take extra time into account to get here early). We cannot leave the door unlocked for late students.

  • We have changing rooms.

  • Wear comfy clothes you can move around in. Sweat pants, t-shirts, tank tops, etc. Layers are good in case you get too warm.

  • I can't emphasize this enough: fancy yoga gear is not necessary. We love adorable yoga pants, but we equally love faded, worn-in sweat pants.

  • We practice yoga barefoot (if you prefer socks, please use non-slip socks for safety)

  • You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you wish, but we do have mats and yoga props to borrow if you prefer. Please clean after use. 

  • No gum-chewing during class (it's a choking hazard, and you can't learn to breathe properly)

  • Regular classes are either 60 or 75 minutes long. Noted on schedule.

  • Most classes are warm for your safety (72-76 degrees). Our Intermediate Flow Yoga classes are much warmer.

  • Bring your water bottle. We have coffee mugs if you forget your water. ;)

  • No cell phones in the studio. Please turn your cell phone off AND leave in lobby or your car.

  • No personal belongings in the studio. We leave all personal belongings in the Yogi Lounge (including cell phones), or in your car if you prefer.

  • The front door is locked when class starts so your personal belongings are safe in the lobby. It's still a wise decision to not bring anything of value to the studio. 

  • You really do NOT have to be flexible. That's what yoga is for.

  • There is parking out front. 

  • We are nice.

  • Have fun!




I wouldn't want to lead with this hefty list! We don't want to overwhelm you with information when you're new, but I know some of you really want to see it all. This is 15 years worth of info, but we're super easy-going, I promise!

To be read at your leisure. Here goes...


  • Always come early! The Monkey lives by a train...

  • We open the front door 15 minutes before class.

  • Doors are locked with class starts. We cannot leave the door open for late students. 

  • On your first day, come 15 minutes early. There is a little paperwork.

  • If you need to make a purchase in the studio, please come 15 minutes early. Or purchase punch cards or memberships here in advance. 

  • Always sign in before class. Print your name on the paper & check in on the iPad (after you have a paid membership or punch card in the system).

  • Introduce yourself! We want to get to know you!

  • Personal belongings are left in the lobby area (Yogi Lounge) during class.

  • Doors are locked for safety when class starts.

  • We have 2 bathrooms & 2 changing rooms. (no showers)


  • We are open 15 minutes before every class, or by appointment.

  • View schedule here.


  • Always sign in before class. Print your name on the paper & check in on the iPad (only after you have a paid membership or punch card in the system).


  • Please leave all personal belonging in the Yogi Lounge during class. This keeps the floor of the studio clear for our students, and allows for less mind-clutter.

  • We lock the exterior doors during class, so your stuff is safe!

  • If there's anything you'd rather not leave in the lobby, please lock it in your car or leave it at home.

  • No cell phones in the studio. (Also turn your cell phones off in the Yogi Lounge because we can still hear them in class)

  • No gum in the studio.

  • No shoes in the studio.

  • Yoga is best practiced barefoot, but you may wear socks for warmth. Just be careful walking on the wood floor.

YOGI LOUNGE (lobby area)

  • Personal belongings are placed in the Yogi Lounge before class.

  • We encourage you to say "hi" to each other & help newcomers feel welcome before class! We want to get to know each other! 

  • The Yogi Lounge is our social gathering place. Please make yourself at home!

  • We have some "Sharing Shelves" in the Yogi Lounge, loaded with yoga & personal growth books. You are welcome to borrow a book! Just write your name & book in the notebook on the shelves. :)


  • We have a kitchen if you need to fill up water. Or you can borrow a mug. (Water is ok in the studio)

  • If you're here for a longer workshop or daylong intensive, you may use our refrigerator, microwave, etc.

  • We have an electric kettle for hot water if you'd like some tea! Help yourself!


  • There are 2 bathrooms at the Monkey (one by the front desk & one just through the yoga studio)

  • There are changing rooms next to the front desk.



  • Monkey Memberships may be used for all Regularly Scheduled classes, & allow you a discount to most Series & Workshops. 

  • Please read the details of your membership so you are aware of the contract length & early cancelation fees.

  • Memberships may not be shared.

  • No refunds or exchanges. 


  • All purchases are final.

  • No refunds or exchanges on any purchases.

  • Punch cards may be shared or given away. (Keep that in mind if you get close to your expiration date!)

  • Memberships may not be shared. You can transfer your membership to someone else (permanently, not temporarily) if you want to.


  • The instructor usually has the props you’ll need by their mat, so you know what to get from the shelves in the hallway (through the double doors in the studio).

  • Always come early so you have time to relax, stretch, or meditate. 

  • Roll your mat out so a "blue +" (tape on the floor) is at the head of your mat. That will ensure enough room for other students if the class is more full. 

  • No cell phones or personal belongings in the studio.

  • No gum chewing during yoga (it’s a choking hazard & also inhibits proper yoga breathing).


  • Our Intro or more gentle classes are usually around 72-76 degrees (we need a little warmth for safety in stretching)

  • Our more active Flow classes are usually a bit warmer (75-85 degrees). The instructor decides the heat.

  • Our Hot Yoga series is on the lower end of "hot", usually around 90 degrees.



  • You are welcome to bring a mat if you have one.

  • We have mats you can borrow, and all the yoga props you’ll need.


  • Wear clothing you can move around easily in.

  • Gym clothes are good.

  • Jammies are good.

  • Sweats & t-shirts work well.

  • Wearing layers is a good idea in case you get too warm.


  • Our Regularly Scheduled Classes are a great place to start. 

  • Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Everyone, or Yoga for Well Being are great for new students.

  • View the schedule here.

  • View the class descriptions here.

  • You can use a drop in, punch card, or membership for our Regularly Scheduled classes.


  • Workshops are generally a topic that needs more time for discussion & practice.

  • Workshops are usually 2+ hours in length, on just one day.

  • View our Workshops here.

  • Workshops require pre-registration & pre-payment.

  • Monkey Members often get a discount on Workshops.

  • Workshops & Series fill quickly, so make sure to sign up when you see availability!


  • Series are a weekly Specialty Class, that usually lasts 4-6 weeks.

  • Series require pre-registration & pre-payment.

  • Punch Cards may not be used for Series.

  • Monkey Members usually get a discount (or free entrance) to Series.

  • Monkey Members must sign up in the studio (our online system doesn't let me do discounts at this time).

  • Workshops & Series fill quickly, so make sure to sign up when you see availability!


  • We post everything on our Facebook page prior to any event, or as soon as we know of a studio closure.

  • Also, click here to view our holiday & weather closure policy.


  • We have a wonderful team of yoga teachers!

  • View our instructor bios here.

  • All of our instructors have a minimum of E-RYT 200 certification.

  • All of us continually seek ongoing training & practice.

  • We LOVE what we do.

  • We LOVE our students. You are why we are here.

  • We hope you'll come & talk to us whenever you have questions, concerns, feedback, etc.

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