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Costa Rica Yoga Retreat
August 13th-20th 2023
••• We just had 2 spots open up!!! •••

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Join Sara Teal for an unforgettable week in Costa Rica!

We just had 2 spots open up, so this is your opportunity to claim your spot!

This is our 2nd time, so I’m basically an old pro lol! But really, I had so much fear & anxiety before the first go-round in 2019. Please reach out to me if you are interested, but scared to death. 

Once you're registered, you can join our retreat Facebook group if you'd like to connect with each other to share travel plans, pics, etc! 



The shared rustic bungalows of Tierra de Suenos are nestled in the jungle next to some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. The retreat center is just outside the Caribbean resort town of Puerto Viejo. Monkeys, toucans, sloths, & other wildlife are often seen & overheard.



August 13th-20th 2023


Let’s use this time to relax deeply, breathe fully, and experience yoga on another level. No yoga experience is necessary (the yoga is optional! If you want the Costa Rica experience, but not the yoga, that's ok too). Everything we will be doing will be accessible to all ability levels. We’ll explore movement inquiry for the sake of deeper self-understanding, and we’ll utilize breathing techniques to completely de-stress & restore our life energy. 



• 7 nights accommodations (shared rustic bungalows--double occupancy) 

• 3 locally-sourced meals a day

• 2 daily yoga classes led by Sara Teal & crew

• Plenty of time to explore the beaches, rest deeply, or participate in local activities 



Snorkeling, surfing lessons, swimming with dolphins, chocolate tour, waterfall or jungle hikes, horseback riding, zip-lining, white water rafting, day with native BriBri tribes, jaguar rescue center


INVESTMENT *not including airfare & shuttle


*Flights & shuttle to & from retreat are a separate cost (group shuttles available).

Includes a non-refundable $100 registration fee, as well as non-refundable 3% credit card processing fee. 

If you are traveling with someone, you can let me know who you want to room with. Otherwise, I will assign roommates. Some bungalows can fit more than 2, but I will only be assigning 2 to a room for comfort. If you have a couple friends you want to share with, let me know so I can choose the right bungalow for 3-4 people. 

Refund Policy:

Refunds possible until May 1st, 2023, excluding the non-refundable $100 registration fee, and 3% credit card processing fee.  No refunds after May 1st, 2023, for any reason. 

Retreat Facebook Group:

Once you're registered for the retreat, you're welcome to join our retreat Facebook group if you'd like. It's a good way to connect with each other, share travel plans, pics, etc. (I'm still happy to connect you directly with other solo travelers if you're looking for a travel buddy! Just let me know.)

TRAVEL INFO - How to get there:

The Basics...

  • Fly into San Jose, Costa Rica - Juan Santamaria Internation Airport (SJO).

  • 40-minute Shuttle flight (small "hopper" plane) from San Jose to Limon, via Sansa Air $103-$134.

    • Or... you could take a 4-hour shuttle bus instead of the flight for $59, straight to the retreat center.

  • If you take the hopper flight, you'll then shuttle for $22 from Limon to the retreat center in Puerto Viejo.


Sara's Additional Travel Info Notes...

  • Round trip flights from Spokane (GEG) to San Jose (SJO) currently range from $600-1200, depending on airline, times, etc. Expedia is cheaper. But I know it's easier to make changes if you book directly with an airline such as Delta.

  • Many of the flights from GEG to SJO are overnight, with a couple small layovers, which actually makes the trip easier, in my opinion. If you prefer not to fly overnight, you might consider flying into San Jose the day before & continuing the rest of the way the next day. (The same for returning home. You might prefer to stay the night in San Jose and travel the next day. That's what I did last time for my return trip with the gals I traveled with, & it helped with my anxiety to not feel too rushed. An AirBnb by the airport in San Jose was super cheap.)

  • The Sansa Air Hopper Flight from San Jose to Limon was definitely the quickest and easiest way to get there. It cuts 3 hours off your travel time, versus taking the bus. Ok now, I'll be honest... the plane is tiny. I had never flown in such a small plane (there were about a dozen of us on it). I'm not afraid of turbulence, so I found it fun (it's not that the turbulence was so bad, it's just that you can feel movement much more than on a big plane). I could definitely see that some people might NOT find it fun. I will definitely be taking the hopper flight again.

  • Sansa Air doesn't take reservations more than 6 months in advance, so you'll have to book that flight around the end of February or later. 

  • If you decide to take the 4-hour bus ride instead of the shuttle flight, it's a pretty drive. You'll see lots of trees and landscapes you'll probably appreciate. I took it for the return trip. While it was beautiful, I definitely preferred the hopper flight.  


We will have morning & evening yoga classes each day. The specific times will be listed at the retreat to view when you arrive.

Beaches in the Area:

The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is host to some of the most beautiful rock free beaches in all of Costa Rica. At our location you have the choice of the a variety of beaches for whatever you heart desires, surfing, jumping the waves, relaxation, stand up paddle and more…

  • Playa Negra – entrance of Puerto Viejo. This is where surf training and beginning surfers practice.

  • Cocles – In Cocles just 5 minutes past Puerto Viejo.

  • The main beach Salsa Brava – This is the competition wave area for extremely experienced surfers.

  • Playa Chiquita – This is across the street from us and has a beautiful private beach area. Tan, swim or do your morning walk or yoga on the beach.

  • Punta Uva – One of Costa Rica's most famous beaches and only 2 minutes from us!

  • Manzanillo – 10 minutes from us. This is the calm beach and excellent for young families with children.


Weather and Temperature:


The local temperature is 80-85 degrees (28 C) year around. The climate has often been called a "micro-climate", implying that the variable factors affecting this region are independent from the rest of the neighboring areas.


This region shares very little in common with the rest of the country's weather cycles and prognostication, as the rainy season is often blessed with several weeks of dry, hot and sunny days, while tropical showers can be experienced during the summer season.


When do we check in and out?


The usual check-in time is 2:00 PM and check-out time 11:00 AM. Depending on the timing of various retreat elements this may be adjusted.


What are the essentials to bring on my trip?


Be sure to plan for both the heat and rain. Sneakers and flip flops. The jungle loves to ruin leather so plastic footwear is better! Long pants for excursions, a coat or sweater for those cooler evenings. A bathing suit, yoga apparel, umbrella, flash light, your own personal hygiene and care products and that's really all you need.


If you have space in your luggage for your yoga mat, feel free to bring it. There are mats to borrow if you don't bring yours.

The Roads


The roads on the Caribbean side are very good. You are able to bike for long stretches but must be cautious of the fast drivers.  The roads from the airport to our retreat center are some of the best roads in Costa Rica.




Many of our guests have experienced rocky beaches on the pacific side. We are privy to 4 main beach areas on the Caribbean side all of which are rock free and simply beautiful. If you are interested in surfing we have some great surf areas. Always watch the flag system while at the beach Green is mild current, yellow-medium and red- high current and caution while swimming is recommended.




In our area we are less than 15 minutes away from Puerto Viejo where you will find many shops, restaurants and artisans offering unique designs. We also have a small boutique at Tierra de Yoga and other sellers close by. There is a grocery store a very short walk from our centre and you can buy beer and wine and basic necessities if there is anything you need.



Tierra has a local phone used for the lodge needs only and for emergencies. Regular calls can be made in the nearby town of Puerto Viejo. Cellular phones have good reception in our area. If there is an emergency back home and a loved one needs to reach you, they can call our local telephone number and we will get you for that call.




Tierra offers Free WIFI to all guests. WIFI is available in the main lodge and eating area.


Vaccinations and Medical Facilities


A fully equipped emergency facility and clinic is located 5 minutes away.  No vaccinations are required.  Also, it is advised that you speak with your doctor about any vaccinations or considerations that they may suggest about traveling in Costa Rica.  Medical travel insurance is always advised.




This is the jungle, so there ARE mosquitos.  However, the mosquitos are not excessive but you will notice them. Bed nets are provided. You can bring bug repellent for your use.




If you are planning to use your credit card, please inform your bank that you will be travelling and using your credit card outside the US. Often banks will shut down credit card payments outside the US if not informed.


The local currency is Colones however you can bring U.S. $ cash which can be used in Costa Rica to pay anything instead of national currency. In the Puerto Viejo there is a bank and ATM machine. Most tour operators will only accept cash. Tipping in Costa Rica is not required, but always greatly appreciated.

(Sara's note on currency: US $ is easy to use & accepted everywhere we went. It's wise to have a lot of small bills--under $20-- so you don't have to use the ATM)


Exchanging currency at the airport will be very costly, check with your bank before you leave Canada to bring some US cash or Colones with you.


Travel VISAs


No travel VISA is necessary as you are allowed to be in Costa Rica for 90 days.


Travel Insurance


You will want to get your own travel insurance for any trip outside of Canada.




Tourist Tax Upon leaving Costa Rica a tourist tax must be paid before passing customs. A rate of $28.00 can be paid directly at the airport at time of arrival.




Costa Rica is well known for its thriving natural habitat and is one of the main reasons so many tourists come to Costa Rica every year! Expect to see a variety of large insects, plants, butterflies, howler monkeys, sloths, agouti and more. There are wildlife facilities close by as well.




Electricity voltage and plugs are the same as in the US 110 volts. However electricity systems have more surges then we are accustomed to in North America so be aware that these can affect electrical devices at times. We suggest to use electricity as needed but not leave your devices in plugged into the sockets when not necessary.


Each room is equipped with a safe deposit box, ceiling fan, as well as other amenities. If there is something you need that your room doesn’t have please speak with us at the lodge so we can see how we can better serve you.


Tierra offers laundry services if requested at $10 a load.

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