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  • Workshops: A 1-time class (usually several hours in length). You must pre-register and pre-pay. There is often a discount for Monkey Members. No make up classes or refunds after the start date. Punch Cards may not be used

  • Specialty Classes (aka Series): A series of progressive classes (usually 4-6 weekly, consecutive classes). You must pre-register and pre-pay. There is usually a discount for Monkey Members. No make up classes or refunds after the start date. Punch Cards may not be used.

  • No refunds. No exchanges. No class make-ups, unless otherwise noted.


Explore below + sign up or ask questions!


  • 4-WEEK SERIES: Hot Yoga with Sara Murphy

    • January 10, 17, 24, 31

      • Wednesdays 6-7 p.m.

      • Cost: $48 for all 4 weeks (Monkey Members free!)

      • Register here

  • 4-WEEK SERIES: Yoga for Anxiety with Gianna Bardelli

    • January 10, 17, 24, 31

      • Wednesdays 7:15-8:15 p.m.

      • Cost: $48 for all 4 weeks (Monkey Members free!)

      • Register here

  • WORKSHOP: Relax...Release...Restore... with Peggy Raye 

    • A monthly gathering for those ready to change their beliefs and create a happier, healthier, more joy-filled life.  By combining restorative and therapeutic yoga poses, guided meditations and Native American drum circle, we will work together to release old patterns of thinking and believing that are contributing to dis-ease and a less fulfilling life. Together we can inspire each other to create a peaceful mind, a healthy body, a happy heart and a better world for us all.

    • Dates TBA

    • More coming in 2018!

    • Cost: $25




  • 200-hour professional training, nationally registered with Yoga Alliance

    • Email for details, dates, cost, etc.

    • DATES: 2 weekends per month for 4 months.

      • February through May 2018

      • ​​


  • YOGA RETREAT with Sara Teal & Tamara Milliken

    • Dates & Info TBA

    • More:    registration info coming soon!

  • 6-WEEK SERIES: The Art of Mindful Eating with Sara Teal

    • An exploration into our relationship with food.

    • What we eat, and the way we eat, can be one of the most uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) topics. If you struggle at all with food, this safe, compassionately led series may be a good group for you. You’ll learn what “type” of eater you are, and we’ll learn mindfulness techniques to create healthy and conscious choices. 

    • We’ll use a combination of book study, group discussion, and mindfulness practices, to help get to the root of your eating patterns, and to help create new habits & patterns. While this series is not focused on weight loss, often a side effect of mindful eating is to lose weight as habits change. Our focus is on how we eat & why we eat. Untangling the web of unhealthy thoughts and habits that can accumulate after years (or a lifetime), can lead to amazing and lasting change. 

    • Important note: I am not a dietitian. I am not qualified to teach nutrition, and that is not my goal (this is not a class on nutrition, it's a class on mindfulness). My expertise is in mindfulness practices, and the art of self-compassion. Through my own struggles with food, I’ve realized that the problem isn’t my “relationship with food”, like I often hear people say. But the root of the problem is my “relationship with myself”. And that’s what we’ll be discussing and working on, using the book “Eating Mindfully” as a guide with some very powerful tools. I hope you’ll join me. 

    • DATES: 6 Weeks. Dates tba.

    • TIME: tba

    • COST: tba

      • Space is limited so we can keep this group small.

    • Must Preregister


We wanted to add a list of workshops we have done in the past, so you can get a feel for what we might offer again in the future! Please email requests to us!


    • A series of 4 workshops for digging deeper with understanding the breath, strengthening & awakening the breath, & dismantling unhealthy breathing patterns. Meditation will be used as a technique in understanding & utilizing the breath (though the focus will be more on pranayama than meditation)

  • 4-WEEK SERIES: Intro to FLOW Yoga!! with Sara Teal

    • If you've never done yoga before, or you've never done Flow or Vinyasa before, this class will give you all the basics you need to feel safe and confident in an all-level Flow class. If you've been practicing Flow for a while, you'll get some great pose breakdown so you better understand foundations and sequencing. I hope you'll join me!! 

    • Four Weeks: Dates TBA

    • Time: TBA

    • Cost: $48 for all 4 weeks (Monkey Members free!) 

    • Must preregister.

  • WORKSHOP: Mala-Making & Mantra with Sara Teal & Tamara Milliken

    • Learn about mala meditation, make your own mala, and share in the practice & experience of mala meditation with Sara & Tamara. ​

    • Cost includes workshop & mala beads!

    • DATE TBA

    • Cost: $55 (Includes workshop AND your own set of mala beads!) 

    • Must preregister.

  • WORKSHOP: MELT Method with Tamara Milliken

    • The MELT METHOD for hands and feet is a simple, self-care solution to help reduce or avoid chronic pain symptoms, improve balance, and feel better. In this workshop I will explain the 4 R's of MELT:

      • Reconnect - identify stuck stress.

      • Rebalance - help restore neurological balance and help the Autopilot reacquire connection to your center of gravity.

      • Rehydrate - restore hydration to the connective tissue.

      • Release - help to decompress the important joint spaces that get compressed from repetitive postures and movements.

    • And I will teach you the soft ball treatments for both hands and feet, as well as give you handouts so you don't forget the treatments once you get home! Tea and snacks will provided.

  • Soul Study with Sara Teal

My soul has been longing to create this group opportunity for years. It's a weekly gathering to dig into all things dealing with personal growth. Utilizing yoga tools, mindset practices, and spiritual teaching as the base for our conversations.


  • SERIES: Xen Strength Yoga with Weights with Mary Steilen

4-week Series. This is an all-level yoga class, using light weights to increase resistance and increase strength and stability. You'll need to bring your own set of light weights (1# & 3#, or 2# & 4#, or 3# & 5#, it's your choice how heavy).

$48 for the whole series (Monkey Members free)

  • SERIES: Tai Chi with Cody Young

4-week Series. Join Cody for another 4-week series of Tai Chi!

$48 for the whole series (Monkey Members free)


  • WORKSHOP: Chakras, Mantras, & Mudras with Tamara Milliken

Come explore some of the less-tangible aspects of yoga with this special workshop!

$30 (Monkey Members $20)

  • SERIES: Hot Yoga for Fall Balance 


$48 (Monkey Members FREE)


  • SERIES: Intro to Yoga 4-weeks

$48 (Monkey Members FREE)

  • SERIES: Hot Yoga for Winter Sports


$48 (Monkey Members FREE)​

  • WORKSHOP: Build A Home Practice with Sara Teal

This is a special class offered to teach you HOW to practice on your own. I'll be leading it like a workshop.


    • A workshop to breakdown the Sun Salutation sequence to better understand​ the postures themselves, and the transitions between postures. This will be a great workshop to enhance your home practice, or to feel more comfortable in a public yoga class. No experience necessary. 

  • WORKSHOPS: Pose Breakdown with Sara Teal

1 of 3 workshops to help you understand the yoga postures more fully. Perfect for beginner through experienced yogis. Each workshop will cover the overview of alignment principles, followed by detailed posture discussion/practice of the most common yoga poses. Each workshop covers different poses. You can take just one workshop, or all 3. You are welcome to bring yoga pose questions you've always had!!

  • ART JOURNAL SERIES with Kira Stewart-Watkins 

    • Absolutely no prior experience necessary! I will guide you through various art techniques and mediums to begin creating your very own art journal. We will be using the cozy yogi lounge at Mellow Monkey, and as such class size is very limited, so make sure to reserve your spot soon. The cost includes your very own take-home kit of high quality art supplies, a mixed media journal, and all supplies for the techniques taught. As well as unlimited tea, coffee and artistic camaraderie.

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