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Welcome to the Monkey!

We've been here in Spokane Valley for over 15 years. Our primary intention is creating an inclusive environment for the "regular people" in our area. The non-yoga folk!

If you're inflexible, healing from an injury, dealing with physical or mental health issues, or just plain old grumpy, we are the studio for you. Please come as you are. 

No fancy gear required.

Here's a page just for our newbies with lots (too much?..) of info to get you started.

If you have previous yoga experience, of course we'd love for you to practice with us, too. We do take the study and practice of yoga very seriously, while approaching the practice with lightheartedness & even humor.

Of course all our instructors are different (in teaching style & background), but we all teach from a place of compassion and ahimsa. 

We hope you'll enjoy our laid-back, welcoming community.

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